Sophia Holidays, La Clusaz or Cottage Port Isaac


Stay in a Chalet La Clusaz or Cottage Port Isaac with Sophia Holidays


Welcome to Sophia Holidays, if you have any questions about our La Clusaz Chalet or Cottage in Port Isaac please feel free to give us a call or email and we will be more than happy to answer any questions you my have.


About Sophia Holidays

Sophia Holidays is a small family run business that came about due to a dream in the Kalahari desert. A dream that included disabled children and the building up of confidences in a beautiful mountain setting.

Amazingly two years after the dream Chalet Sophia was purchased and in 1991 the first group of disabled children ventured to the mountains.

That was 18 years ago and many have been to this magical place where love and smiles, fresh air and sun, phenomenal achievements and hilarity have been mixed with wonderful adventure.

By having your holiday at either Chalet Sophia in La Clusaz France or Jacob’s Cottage in Port Isaac, UK you help to support summer holidays for disabled children.

So if you enjoy clean air, rushing rivers, soaring mountains, ancient trees or a long soak in a mountain pool, look no further. In the unspoiled authentic town of La Clusaz in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps you will find it all. You’ll find something different, whether it’s skiing the last run home in time for tea, soaking in the outdoor Jacuzzi under the stars or cascading down waterfalls, lighting log fires on the mountain side and luging down 800 metres of track. Soak up the atmosphere of the snow covered or sun drenched mountains, eat delicious French cuisine and treat yourselves to a winter or summer holiday we’re confident no other will beat.

Alternatively don’t travel so far and enter the world of Port Isaac where it’s like going back in time. This picturesque working fishing village is an absolute delight. The fisherman land crab and lobster daily and the turquoise water on a sunny day begs the question why we ever go further than this country green. As the setting for the popular series Doc Martin, Port Isaac (otherwise known as Port Wenn) welcomes guests from all over the world.

We believe that these two unique places genuinely offer something for everyone. The one common theme is the stunning scenery which in both La Clusaz and Port Isaac takes your breath away.

Come now and enter this site that hopefully will draw you to these magical places, where a world opens up that causes daily stresses and the manic pace of life to dissolve and where experiences, places and people could change you forever.



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